Ervin Laszlo: ‘We Stand at the Cusp of an Evolutionary Leap in Consciousness’

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Ervin Laszlo says that we are at the cusp of an evolutionary process. We are at a moment in history where things either change or we become extinct. Plus, he talks about the laws that govern the universe, how everything an individual does affects the whole, and much more.


At the beginning of the Modern Age, it was thought that this solar system, what we now know as the solar system, is all that was – that’s the whole universe. And if we come from anywhere, we come from someplace inside the universe. Then by the time of the last century or the 19th century, we knew that the solar system is part of the galaxy. But then we saw that the galaxy is all there is. So we come from the galaxy. If we come from the universe, we come from the Galaxy. Then, it turned out that this is just one of millions, perhaps billions of galaxies.

So, our vision is expanding. Where we come from is something far bigger, far deeper than what we thought.

Where do the stars come from? If we come from the Stars, we come from this universe. But where does this universe come from? That is now the question that is being discussed more and more. This universe wasn’t there always. It came to be – it evolved.

The universe was born probably, according to the best guesses today, at the time of the Big Bang 80.3 billion years ago more or less. And this cosmic event gave birth to everything that we can now observe in the universe.  It gave birth to the observable universe. Therefore it gave birth also to the seeds – to the predecessors of living things. So if we came from anywhere, we came from the universe that was born in the big bang and of that chaos. Then it gradually distilled what we know as the universe, distilled what we know of the things in the universe. So also not us as we are now, but the origins of life, the origins of everything: planets, solar systems.

So if we ask where did we come from? I would have to say that we come from the deeper dimension which became then, the explicate, the known, the perceivable order of the universe. This deeper level is known by various names deeper, the deeper dimension. Some people call it the akashic dimension, or the akashic field, or a grand unified field, or the implicit order according to David Bohm.

We are children of the cosmos. And it’s a very interesting question then: our origin truly. If it reaches back, are we truly alive? Are we truly part of the deeper dimension? Is that discoverable still in us? Are we truly beings of the cosmos? And I think the answer is yes because who we are is not just what we have always been – it is what we have become. And this who we are, what we have become, is not just the body, but it’s also mind, a consciousness.

And that consciousness very probably has its root in that deeper dimension – the dimension that gives rise to everything that there is, including the laws that regulate what there is: the laws of nature about which scientists such as Einstein among them, said that when we really discovered them and take them seriously, we recognize that there must be the at work a great spirit, a great mind must be behind these laws. Because they are coherent they create an observable, intelligible universe.

We are part of that intelligible universe and we have co-created that universe with the laws that were born at the same time that we were born. When was this? Now we enter the deepest mysteries. We can’t say what was there before the Big Bang? Probably it was a field of potentials – a field where everything that is possible to happen could have its happening possibility.
If there was anything prior to the big bang it was an intelligence, it was a cosmic mind. In Christian origins, we talk about the word. In the beginning, there was the word – it was the logos. In the Eastern religions, the same idea crops up: intelligence, the Tao, whatever we call it. The Brahman was there first and everything else develops out of that.

You say now: am I talking mysticism or am I talking science? I’m talking science with its roots on that same dimension from where mysticism also stems. This universe is a Mystique Universe. It’s a miraculous universe.

Over a hundred years ago. The great astronomer James Jeans said that the universe resembles a big thought more than a big mechanism. And sure enough, more and more, we investigate the finest, the smallest details, the deepest elements of this universe, the more we find that it is more like a great thought – that it is information, that it is something intelligible. It’s a very very different concept from what there was 50 years ago, but still is there in so-called mainstream science – much of what is being taught today in universities

But if you really contemplate this question, who are we, where do we come from? You must say we have to go beyond that, because in the new Quantum Science, we recognize that what there is in the world is a Quantum system.

The great scientist Max Planck said after 40 Years of studying the deepest elements of this physical reality, which means the atoms: “I can tell you one thing. There is no such thing as matter in the universe.” What is there? He said, what there is – is a set of vibrations that are held together by a force that creates the atom from the atoms that created the molecules, and the molecules and the supramolecular objects.

The many things that we can observe, that we can touch, and all of those are finally sets of vibration acting together. And as Planck said, this force that holds the atom together, the proton and the neutron, and then the electrons that come into this – that we must consider as an intelligence. A cosmic intelligence.

Wherever we look, however, we look at the world, its origins are beyond matter, beyond even energy in a conventional form. What are the origins then, where we come from, and therefore indirectly who we are? The answer is: informed vibration, informed energy, energy in the form of vibration. Because when we examined the smallest part, no matter is there. But what there is, is the vibration of a given frequency, phase, magnitude. And these vibrations, when they are in phase they create structures. They create things that appear as though they were material.

So we are ourselves clusters or sets of vibration that appear as though we were solid material bodies, but we are more than that. I simply call it nowadays, to give a simplest possible term that is acceptable to modern science also, I call it an attractor. An attractor is something that acts within a complex system and makes you behave in a certain way.

This universe is not a random universe, not a chance universe, this attractor is in the universe, is part of the universe. At its deepest level, is the information of the energy that makes up this universe, makes what it is. The universe is not what you thought it was. It’s a quantum system. More exactly, it’s a microscopic, highly integrated quantum system.

What we are recognizing now is that in this remarkable universe, a truly mysterious universe, that we are decoding little by little, that all things act together – all things act as one. What quantum science teaches us, any part of a quantum system is not local. It’s also present in every other part. You can’t act local. That is nothing local. No causality. No push and pull. No effect. And cause is local. Whatever you do is penetrating throughout this system. It’s part of that system and we are part of the system.

How we come in by these things, we come from beyond, it can be very easily illustrated. This beyond, where the laws of nature reside, that is something like the laws – the laws let’s see of a game, laws of cards, laws of chess, or whatever. These laws are given. And you play the game, you don’t play with the laws. The laws are already given. The laws just tell you how you can play the game, and they are the same for the novice and for the grandmaster in chess. The laws are what this universe is fundamentally. And it’s not the game; it’s what governs the game.

So, we talked about the laws of nature. You can no longer say that they are part of the universe. No, they were there when the universe was born and they will be there, as far as we can tell, when the universe will end. Because that’s also a case that this universe is not a permanent feature of reality, or of the cosmos.

If there is one thing we recognize more and more (and this is also fairly recent, surprisingly recent in science, but it’s not recent in religion and spirituality), namely the idea that there is a higher will, a higher intellect, that governs the evolution of things in the universe and of the universe itself, the structure itself. It all hangs together. And this evolution is not random, not just one darn thing after another as philosophers used to say not so long ago to describe what the universe really is. They would say, it’s just one darn thing after another.

We’re recognizing more that the universe is progressing from chaos to order. And you’re part of this progression. Our consciousness, our body express this in different ways. We are part of an evolutionary process that is non-random because we can go as far as saying there is nothing random in the universe. Why? Because there’s nothing disconnected from anything in the universe – it all hangs together. Whatever you do here and now also affects everything there and then.

So, all this progress is, to use a good term suggested in a different context by the great psychiatrist and a good friend of mine, Stanislav Grof, he uses the term holotropic. Holos means whole, oneness in Greek, tropic comes from the word tropism, which means something that you tend toward: a fish toward the food is a tropism. Even bacteria have tropisms. And of course, our instincts, everything that we are has a tropistic element. We are tending towards something, some direction rather than another. And so does the universe. All of evolution is holotropic in that sense.

All elements work together. And they need to, as it were in human life, in any living system. They need to work together because if they don’t, life is no longer capable. Life is not possible, except in a quantum coherence system

On the physical level, the objective is to maintain this system, this living system that is us. And if we are healthy, if we are normal, we are part of this drive. We obey. We live it. We express it. Intuitive people express it. So-called primitive cultures are far from primitive. They express it. They knew it. Animals know it without being able to verbalize it or conceptualize it.

Now, with our ability to conceptualize, to put together and interpret things, we are interpreting this drive, and we are misinterpreting it very often. We interpreting it as a drive for power, for domination, in the human world for wealth. We’re interpreting it as we first, our country first, never mind the rest. We are replacing this inherent oneness, which is there in the evolution of all life in the universe. We are interpreting it as a competition where the defeater survives.

This is not that kind of a universe. This is not the kind of nature. Sure. There is competition in nature. There appears to be also violence, but it’s always toward larger objectives. The deeper objective in nature is always the survival of a species, the maintenance of these species within that context. And the context is always and ultimately the web of life: the system of life on this planet.

And one day, I think we’ll discover that the system of life on this planet is part of a larger system of life elsewhere in this universe. It would be an incredible sophistry to believe that we alone possess intelligence, we alone are living. We are part of an ongoing, evolution of life and of consciousness in this universe. To recognize it is one great challenge for us.

So there we are at the cusp of an evolutionary process. We built it up to a point where it really is in question whether it can continue this way. It’s become unstable.

Now, instability is fine because without instability, there is no change. There is no progress. Things progress, things move when the previous level of being, of that system, has become unstable, untenable. Then we move, then search, then we finally find hopefully, or we disappear. But if we survive, we move on to something else. And this cusp at which we find ourselves is precisely that moment in history where things either change or they become extinct. The great overwhelming majority of species on this planet have become extinct.

The human species is not so old. As a conscious species 50,000 years, perhaps as a biological species maybe three and a half million years. But as a conscious species, able to reason, able to interpret things, and therefore able to choose a faulty direction, that is recent. And is the power that we now have through technology, we can implement our poor interpretations – a great danger.

Freedom is opportunity. Freedom is the greatest value, but it’s also dangerous. Because the opportunity is to develop the good as well as to develop the bad. We don’t need to go to other planets to find our community. The community is here. It’s the community of all life. And together we can make this a living community because today we need to transform. We need to change. The community that we now have is vulnerable. It is heading toward greater conflict. And if we continue on this path, the future is not going to be bright. It’s not going to be – at least for human beings.

About Ervin Laszlo

Ervin Laszlo’s Legacy of a Coherent Universe whose research reveals some startling discoveries of our untapped potential as a sapient species connected with a conscious coherent universe. As we collectively come into awareness that everything in the universe acts as one and that nothing is ever truly disconnected, we stand at the cusp of an evolutionary leap in consciousness.

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