Gregg Braden: Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Darkness

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Gregg Braden: I went through a dark night of the soul where my marriage ended, my mother didn’t speak to me and the darkness haunted me in my dreams until one night everything changed.

TRANSCRIPT (Gregg Braden):
I went through Dark Night of the Soul when I left the corporations. I felt that I was simply making a choice for a different direction in my life. I had no idea that I would lose a marriage over it. I would lose friends. My mom was so angry at me because the marriage ended it. She didn’t talk to me for two years. I lost my mom, you know, over this.

And while I was having a bad experience, I began… I don’t often dream in a way that I would call a repetitive dream, but there was a series of dreams that I was having. And what was happening to me in the dreams mirrored what was happening in my world. I would go to sleep and I’d be all by myself in this dark place here. And way off in the distance, I could see all the faces of all the people that I’ve ever known, that I’ve ever loved, and I saw faces of people that hadn’t even met yet. And I was always trying to get from here to there.

And my conditioning was that darkness is bad and light is good. So every time I started walking to the people I love, the darkness would pull me off one side or light on the other side, and they’d throw me off balance. I could never get to the people that I loved.

And one night for some reason, I began having this dream and something different happened. And I didn’t have a judgment about the darkness, didn’t have the judgment about the light. So they’re both there. The moment that I did that the dark and the light came together and they became the road that carried me to everyone that I would ever love.

And in that moment I knew what I’ve been told about the darkness: Does it exist. Yes. Is it my enemy? Not necessarily. It’s about the way that I’ve been taught to think. So is there darkness in the world? Absolutely. Do I see it? Do I discern it? And in my world I discern it but I don’t judge it. And for that reason, I’m not afraid.

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